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Owning a House in Chennai

Home is where your heart is. Your home provides warmth, comfort, and the pleasure of sharing life experiences with the near and dear ones. A home is a place where we all look forward to relaxing and relishing everything we have around us. Owning a house has always topped our to-do list, with several luxury apartments in Chennai being available, the dream of owning a home has been made possible for all classes of people.

The Affordable Housing Concept

The value of a home keeps increasing financially and emotionally over time. The exclusive personal and financial benefits offered by owning a house makes investing in residential property a sound move. Considering a rise in real estate prices and always worrying inflation, affordable housing comes to the rescue for a common man. A lot of apartments in Perambur are for sale.

A starter home that may be smaller but affordable will provide the basic needs of the modern lifestyle. Although not satisfying all the expectations that anyone would have fancied about their ‘first’ house, investing in a home – regardless of the size and amenities – proves to be a financially great idea. There are quite a few budgetary and luxury apartments to buy in Chennai.

Benefits of Owning a House

In addition to producing a feeling of euphoria and assuring one’s inner peace, purchasing new flats at Porur or in any other location in Chennai offers a lot of advantages:

1. Secure Anchor to One’s Life

House helps you to survive in this world, acts as an anchor to withstand the waves of rain, heat and climatic changes. Luxury houses in Chennai or anywhere else come with an addition of warmth and comfort, which is the best you can get for your money.

2. The Unparalleled Sense of Accomplishment

There are luxury apartments for sale in Perambur, Chennai; owning one gives you pride and the feeling of attaining something special. This feeling is immeasurable and cannot be expressed in words.

3. The Best Long-Term Investment

One of the most reliable and unfailing long-term investments in our nation is real estate. Unaffected by the potential volatility and insecurity in other markets, real estate stands firm no matter the changes. The demand for housing has been witnessing considerable rise year over year. Venturing into buying luxury flats in Chennai is an excellent investment for you and your upcoming generation.

4. The Joy of Living in Own House with Unlimited Freedom

Living with complete freedom and the satisfaction of spending time in your place is a great gift. To experience this, Chennaites may check out the upcoming luxury apartment projects in Chennai. By purchasing luxury apartments in Chennai, you are capitalising your total freedom. Not bound by the rules of landlords anymore, you start living your own life — no need to wait for approvals for any work related to alteration, renovation, or landscaping. Small or big, it is your castle to live and modify!

5. Considerable Tax Benefits

Availing home loan entitles one to claim the interest paid on the home loan principal amount for income tax benefits. First time home buyers get further gains in the form of additional deduction. Check for the upcoming luxury apartment projects in Chennai to obtain the twin advantages of owning your home and reaping tax benefits.

6. Build Equity Over Time

Equity – the difference between the sale amount of your house and the amount still owed by you on it – will keep growing. Home equity keeps increasing with time. This is one direct investment advantage of owning luxury flats in Chennai.

How Does Owning a Home Builds Equity with Time?

1. Home prices keep rising with years

The price per square foot of homes has been on a steady rise as we all know. Demand for real estate is a perennial factor in India, especially in cities like Chennai. Look for luxury flats for sale in Chennai.

2. Well-maintained homes get increased value

Homes that are maintained neatly and revamped with time fetch higher return value in the future. Luxury flats in Chennai are easy to maintain and can be improved with the slightest expense, even after extended use.

3. Reducing mortgage balance

By making the monthly payment, you can keep reducing the mortgage balance. This, in turn, raises the home equity. Lump-sum repayment further ensures growing your investment.

Factors that play a crucial role in buying a house

1. Proximity to essential places

While buying your luxury apartment in Chennai, ensure that it is close to places such as schools, hospitals, and shopping areas, in addition to other commonly required fields which suits your lifestyle.

2. Regular water supply

There’s no need to explain about water scarcity in modern times. When you look for luxury apartments for sale in Chennai, it is imperative and necessary that you check and assure the regular availability of water.

3. Cross ventilation

The place where you are about to spend the rest of your life must be healthy with sufficient ventilation and free from unwanted factors. Most of the luxury flats in Chennai ensure this. Breathable space is a healthy space!

4. Proper road network

If you look for apartments in Perambur or other busy areas in Chennai, you need to see that the roads are properly maintained, and other nearby trails are well-laid out and are capable of enabling smooth drive. Usually, luxury flats for sale in Chennai have this to their advantage.

5. Amenities available

Luxury flats in Chennai, especially most of the upcoming luxury projects in Chennai are sure to have the basic as well as luxurious amenities that cater to the needs of the modern dwellers. You need to check and confirm that these are indeed available.

SPR Highliving is one of the market leaders of real estate in Chennai. With several notable projects under their roof and a lot more on the pipeline, this reliable name in real estate aims at enhancing human habitation by providing meaningful and happy living spaces.


Investing in luxury apartments in Chennai ensures multiple advantages while fulfilling one’s emotional needs related to having a house of their own. Buying from reputed and trustworthy brands that promote luxury apartments for sale in Chennai will take half the burden off the venture. Home is where the heart is!