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  • Why Investing in SPR City is The Best Decision You Can Make


    Why Investing in SPR City is The Best Decision You Can Make?

    The residential market in Chennai is undergoing major changes. There is a huge demand for high rise buildings and community living. Developers are under pressure to customize and build as per the buyer’s needs. Integrated townships are gaining momentum and are becoming the basis for the future. The current generation prefers to live in neighborhoods, […]

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    When in doubt; be Unique

    The literal meaning of the word unique is “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”. It can still mean a lot more in a different context. It gives the object an identity, something to distinguish from others. But the question is, how unique can something be and what exclusivity can someone provide? […]

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    Change is constant; Luxury is subjective

    Change is an interesting term as it can mean more depending on the topic of discussion. For some, it is essential while for others it’s something to fear. Over time, we have seen how changes and the belief of people have brought historical changes over the entire world. Looking back in time we see that […]

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    Taking a step closer to green and organic living

    Mankind has evolved over a period to a very large extent from how we were to how we are now. We grew very close to nature and enjoyed all of its benefits till the time we started living an electronic life. Now what we see is more of tall antennas than tall trees in cities. […]

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    Fully Furnished Home by SPR at Osian Chlorophyll, Porur

    To own a home is no easy task. For most, it takes years of planning, hard work, and savings. We at SPR Group understand this and want to alleviate your burden a little by giving your years of hard work a little reward as a gesture of goodwill from our part by fully furnishing it […]

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    Demonetization and the Real Estate scenario

    The year 2016 has come to an end and Real Estate trends are taking a turn in 2017. Much of this is attributed to the sudden demonetization announcement made by Prime Minister Mr. Modi. Post-demonetization, the housing and real-estate segment is expected to get a much-needed boost in the outskirts of metro cities as well […]

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    SPR provides 24/7 support system

    Wouldn’t life be easier if you had a one-stop shop for all your real estate and property queries, any time of the day or week? SPR Group has done exactly this and brought the idea into life by implementing industry first customer connect initiatives ably supported by a professional customer relations team. We at SPR […]

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    Homes where Contemporary Design Meets Traditional Architecture: Part-2

    Traditional houses, modern influences It is common knowledge that houses of today are heavily influenced by western design and architecture. From French styled windows to magnificent glass doors, people of today want their homes to reflect the present era. But what people forget is, the houses that we grew up in, spent our childhood in- […]

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    Homes where Contemporary Design Meets Traditional Architecture: Part-1

    Traditional houses, modern influences Just a few decades back, Indian homes were built keeping the norms of traditional architecture in mind. However, homes today in the city – either apartments or individual houses, have gone through a fundamental change in their architecture compared to our older generation. There are many features about the Tamil household […]

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